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Natural Language Processing platform

Extracting information from unstructured contents has never been easier

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An innovative way to understand contents

  • provides you with a unique codeless user interface. This is a new way to create semantic modules that are easy to integrate through API into your system.
  • Semantic bricks, named’s agents, are your multilingual assistants to find relevant data.
  • The collaborative creation of entities and interpretations has never been as simple!

Key features of NLP platform

Open community

It’s easy to start using thanks to public agents available to everyone. Your participation will contribute to enriching viky’s market!

Reusability’s agents are like well-known play bricks. Use elementary agents to compose your own agents, no need to reinvent the wheel!


Private agents in your space can be managed to work collaboratively within your organization.

Ready to use

Once created,’s agents are directly operational for your use cases. Use API functions to play with them.


We have created a codeless and end-user-oriented platform: everyone in the organization can play with!


Define multiple languages for your agents.

Imagine new business cases

With your unstructured contents will reveal the substance of what they hide. This will enrich your structured data and allow you to imagine new business cases.

You could use it in 2 phases of your data value chain:

  • Upstream of the value chain to structure your contents and extract relevant data (to create metadata or enrich indexes for instance).
  • Downstream of the value chain to send queries in natural language to find the right information. even offers the possibility to create virtual assistants to converse with your data.

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