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About us

team spirit


We are a team of enthousiastic AI and NLP lovers. Before we have been working on semantic search engines for many years and this is still a very important activity for us.

Come back home


The project comes originally from our willingness to add some dialog into search engines. But we were a bit frustrated as this was only a specific application to the more general subject of NLP.

So we submitted our project to the Europeen Commission and got funded!


Pertimm is the company that is pushing as an open source platform.

Pertimm is an innovative French company with more than 21 years of experience in artificial intelligence. Pertimm provides B2B semantic search solutions, with customers such as SoLocal, Leclerc, Cora, Showroomprivé, Clubmed, UCPA, Promod.

Pertimm derives from pertinent and immediate which are principles that still guide all our developments.

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