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Blog / Did you say NLP?

Did you say NLP?

Mathilde Wiss-Thebault on 08 July 2019 — 1 min read.

Hello, dear community!

I would like to share some relevant articles to watch in order to familiarize you with textual analysis. To start, let’s see what NLP means…

NLP, NLU, TALN, Text-Mining, there are several ways to name semantic analysis on textual unstructured contents.

Some basic definitions and concepts

Wikipedia is your friend if you start from scratch! The dedicated vocabulary is very well explained in the following articles:

Global articles

To synthesize these concepts, I encourage you to read these two very interesting articles that include all previously seen elements:

What about the use cases?

Of course, it is natural to wonder how these technologies and solutions can bring you added-value. What are the use cases that can be exploited thanks to textual analysis?

  • Forbes has published an article last June about potential applications.
  • Other articles present the overview of possible applications (and there are many!).

So that’s already enough to start your semantic culture :smile:

More news coming soon on the subject!

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