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Blog / Voice Tech Paris Recap

Voice Tech Paris Recap

Patrick Constant on 05 December 2019 — 2 min read.

I wanted to give you a small recap of my talk at Paris Voice Tech, last week.

As Noam Chomsky said, “language is the mirror of the mind”, and this is basically the idea I wanted to convey: we need to understand better the human mind if we want to better handle human languages. And the reverse could be true: if we handle better the human languages, we will be able to understand better the human mind.

Yes, machine learning has done great progress, and we now have decent speech to text and translation, but we still have a long way to go to handle human language.

Patrick Constant giving a speech at Voice Tech Paris 2019

Human language have been described by grammars for a very long time. Thus creating a platform such as which can help creating rules to describe piece by piece natural languages, still seems a good way to go.

But we want to have a platform where we can do it simply, collaboratively and with an idea of reusability of the rules that have been created. After all, many rules have been the same for centuries!

I really hope that will help pave the way to a better natural language understanding and thus a better understanding of the human mind.


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