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Know why an interpretation match

2 min read.

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    Sometimes an agent will not understand a sentence as you might expect. In this case, the console’s functionality allows you to explore in detail how your agent interprets each word.

    Display the interpret plan

    Let us see how an agent dedicated for currencies in interprets the sentence “It costs between 10 and 15 canadian dollars”.

    To explore, switch the “verbose” mode to ON and send your sentence. In the “Explain” tab, each interpretation will have a new “Highlight” section showing which words in the sentence correspond to the interpretation.

    Console highlight section screenshot

    This section also allows you to see how the NLP has matched each word with the agent’s interpretations and entity lists. Simply click on one of the highlighted words. Let us click on “dollars”.

    Console highlight detail screenshot

    You will see a list of potentials interpretations and entities lists match for “dollars”. If you look carefully, the list is sorted so that the top corresponds to the most accurate correspondence and goes down to the least accurate, ending with the entire sentence.

    You can even navigate to interpretations or entities lists from that section. Click on the first item in the list, in our case the “money_entity” and the platform takes you to the exact entity within the clicked entities list that matched the word “dollars”.

    Navigate from highlight screenshot

    This gives you an idea how the agent breaks down your sentence and how to improve your formulations and entities lists if something is not behaving as you expect.

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