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Open source platform is released under MIT licence

Why open source?

Computers are an integral part of our lives. Making them more accessible and attractive will require a change in the way we interact with them. Thus, being able to understand how people express themselves in a natural way is a valuable asset that must be accessible to all.

That's why we made a commitment from the beginning to release under open-source license and to welcome everyone who wants to join us in this great adventure!

MIT licence illustration


Whether you're a seasoned open source developer or looking to make your first ever open source contribution, we are seeking new contributors.

To get started, visit our Github.

Open data

The platform designed to create natural language processes called agents.

Agents are used within the platform to analyse texts. An agent can be view as a bunch of NLP rules, thus an agent is data.

Agents can be private, which means that only you and your collaborators can use it in a private space.

Agents can be also public, it means that they can be used by anybody. In this case, these agents are open data.

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